About Us

Our Mission

Shop minimally designed household goods at lower prices. Declutter your living space through the concept of reduction, convenience, and spaciousness. Our products are ingeniously simple but functionally forward, always made easy and accessible, even with your shopping experience. Simplify your physical and emotional living.

Our primary mission is to help our customers simplify their daily lives by offering affordable, minimalist designed products that declutter their surroundings so that they can focus more on themselves. That is our principle, and it is apparent in every product we offer through the idea of "subtraction." Our products remove any unnecessary elements to showcase its pureness in form and function.

We also believe that well-designed products should never cost more than the standard product; aside from higher quality materials used, it should cost less because of additional efforts spent on improved efficiencies in design, engineering, technology, and manufacturing. So, why are all designed products on the market more expensive? Well, we're here to help change that by giving them some competition. We're competing with not only the higher-end brands but also the standard brands. For the end-user, you get designer products that work and look better for the same price or less.