Handcrafted Retro Radio

10513122-110v-120v-130v $ 68.99 USD

For those who are into the vintage aesthetics, this handcrafted retro AM/FM radio is made and assembled through traditional construction technique, which means exceptionally reliable and durable. The housing is made of 100% wood to produce a distinctive sound quality that is fuller and warmer than standard plastic assembly. The traditional front-face dials operate the on/off/volume, radio station, high-low bass, and treble settlings.

Product type: Vintage Analog Radio 
Speaker: Built-in
Communication: AM/FM
Functions: Front Face Dial 
Material: Wood
Net weight: 4lbs (1.85g)
Power source: AC Power
FM: 87-108 MHZ / AM: 520-1710 MHZ
Dimensions: 4.4in x 3.11in x 1.18in (112mm x 30mm x 79mm)
Package includes: 1 x Vintage Radio
Delivery: always free shipping (8-16 days)